Monday, June 13, 2016

Tragedy and Daily Life (Summer - Day 26)

I don't read the morning paper. Instead, my modern day version of the daily news begins with me scrolling through Facebook to see what my friends and colleagues have been up to. One of the first posts I noticed read "Praying for Orlando." That's when I suspected that something terrible had happened -- yet again.

A quick jump to Foxnews and CNN, and that's when I learned that 50 people were murdered last night, thanks to a psychopathic gunman fueled by bigotry and a radicalized religion. On top of all this tragedy, I realized a terrible thing. I have come to expect these atrocities. It seems that about every 4 to 6 months something awful like this occurs. Now, the event that would surprise me is if more than six months passes without some act of massive barbarity.

So this happens. It shocks us (in a sadly familiar way), we process the grief, speculate on the destruction that can be caused by a single evil person, and vow to carry on. I'm not sure what else we can do, besides that. There's an ongoing debate about gun control right now. (And I have a feeling Trump will renew his efforts to disallow Muslim extremists to enter the country.) But we've already got millions of guns (and probably billions of bullets) in this country. They aren't going to disappear. And the shooter was American born, not someone sneaking in from overseas.

It sucks. I got nothing. All I know is that I should do my best to be a good person, and if possible, inspire others to be good. That's about all I know right now.


Life goes on for the living. I did my best to think positive (and to channel my lightheartedness despite such dark events) and worked on the Radio Play. Making slow but steady progress. I've reached page 8.

We watched the Tony Awards. Cheered for Hamilton. But more importantly, the well-spoken sentiments of the gracious winners (and host James Corden) were exactly what we all wanted and needed to hear.

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