Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The End is in Sight (Sort Of...) (Summer - Day 20)

I'm getting very close to finishing the photoshop / editing portion of Duck Town. Completed most of Chapter Eleven. After that, there's only Chapter Twelve!

However, I also realize that when this is done, the book isn't finished yet. I'm going to read it over with my girls -- fix any (hopefully) little mistakes that they catch. Then I'll send it to my agent. And that's where the suspense begins. Will she like it the way it is? Or will she think that there needs to be any major changes.

I know they say "Writing is Rewriting." I get that. But at the same time, I've been on an adventure with these characters. What happened on the page happened in my imagination, and it's not easy or pleasant to take an eraser to all of that. It feels inauthentic.

At the same time, if she comes up with an idea that enhances the current plotlines and characters, I'd be on board.

I have my fingers crossed, though, that my agent will like the story enough so that nothing major needs to be altered.

So, what's happened around here besides me working on "Duck Town" all day? Cheri is growing her health coach business -- and looks more and more amazing each day, by the way. Mackenzie was hired by the theater to help a film crew with the lighting board (you know the one that's literally held together by a rubber band?). And Emily spent a lot of time on home work -- she's pushing to have several projects done by this Friday. But she does have good news on the academic front. She earned an "A" in her history course! She is two for two in her college courses!

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