Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Prepping for a Road Trip (Summer - Day 39)

Cheri attended two performances of Hello Dolly. The show ends tomorrow, but we'll be on the road to Washington state. (Dear thieves who read this blog, please note that the house is not left unattended. Ninjas are house sitting and they will destroy you if you try to invade my home and steal my comic books.)

For me, the day consisted of packing and preparing for the long trip ahead. But Emily and I also went to Stonefire to pick up food for the festivities between shows.

At night, when everything was ready, and the only thing left to do was kill time, I watched some old home videos of the girls. So glad I captured those memories on film. Memory is really a flaky thing. Just another reason why I should still be taking more pictures/video now while my girls are still young.

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