Saturday, June 11, 2016

Tinkering Time (Summer - Day 23)

Now it's time to format the jpegs into PDF chapters so that they can be easily sent to my agent for perusal. I found a couple mistakes that needed fixing. I also realized the approximate length of the graphic novel: 224 pages. That's a goodly amount. Twelve chapters in all. I'm very happy.

Mack has her very first date tomorrow night. She's all grown up!

Emily was swamped with homework most of the day. It's her last push before summer break.

Cheri has been working very hard on her Health Coach business. She selected a new photo of the "before and after variety." She has lost so much weight during the last eight months. I'm so proud of her. Sadly, her shoulder was a bit out of whack today, so she hasn't felt her best. I held both of the dogs when we went for our walk.

Since it was Thursday night, it was time to meet with Chris and Randy to discuss our Big Sandwich ideas. Chris came up with the opening scene. We're still not sure about everything, but I think the Radio Play is off to a good start. 

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