Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Washington Adventures (Summer - Day 42)

Our first full day on Camano Island was relaxing and quirky -- exactly how I hoped my Washington vacation would be.

Cheri and I will be walking the dogs down a tree lined road every morning. At the end of the lane, there's a large property with Alpacas. They are old friends/enemies of our canines. Cheri, Mackenzie and Mom went grocery shopping while Emily and I hung out in the woods. She's been practicing archery. She'll reach Katniss level by the end of summer.

I spent some time brainstorming about characters in the Radio Play.

At a local frozen yogurt shop, we met my Mom's new friend, a very nice guy named Doug. He used to work on submarines.

Did I mention that Mack passed her Driver's Learning Permit test before we left? She did! So she's been driving on that lonely road where we walk our dogs. She's been doing great..l except when she drove onto the grass and almost tipped the car over. But I was coaching her in the passenger seat, so it was pretty much my fault.

In the evening (though the sun doesn't set until 9:45) we took the girls to meet cousin Maddy at a coll comic book / 80s arcade. That location was obviously my choice, but afterwards we went to Starbucks and then to a park,

At night, after the girls and Cheri went to bed, I wrote for an hour. Not much progress. I'll try to get more serious about this nonsense tomorrow.

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