Friday, June 17, 2016

Finding Dory in Orange County (Summer - Day 30)

Today was strange because I woke up realizing that I don't have any writing projects to work on this week. (Since my fellow Big Sandwich Theater people will be developing the radio script until Thursday). So, during a bit of free time in the early afternoon, I revised my website (not that anyone visits it -- I don't even think it's mobile-friendly).

After Mackenzie's drone and alarm system class (she's the teacher assistant), we traveled to Orange County to visits our friends. We ate at a Mediterranean restaurant. I had shawarma for the second time in my life. It's quite delicious. The Avengers had the right idea.

Then we watched "Finding Dory," a worthy sequel. Director Andrew Stanton knows how to make the most of his setting. I love the world of Nemo, whether it's the open ocean, a dental aquarium, or in this film's case a rehabilitation facility.

The kids liked it too!

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