Saturday, July 2, 2016

A Writerly Day (Summer - Day 45)

July 1st proved to be the most productive writing day of the summer, so far. It will be a difficult one to top, because I completed a new one-act in the course of two days. (80% was written today!)

Suffice to say, there's not much to journal about. I was here on Camano Island, typing away on my iPad. Walked the dogs twice. Visited with Mom between scenes. Allowed myself a bit of Facebook / email distraction every 30 minutes. Mom and I even went back to the cinemas. We watched the sequel to Independence Day. Cheesy good fun, though it did feel very rushed in places -- as if they were in a hurry to get to ID3... (Will it be another 20 years until the next film?)

(Here's the Stanwood Cinemas... a bit run-down, but still a great place to visit in this small Washington town.)

Cheri and the girls are having a treat-yo-self kinda day. I believe pedicures are involved

It felt really good to write a script that flowed so easily. I was detmermined to complete it before going to bed. The coolest writer's moment for me was when I wrote the final line of dialogue, looked at the clock, and saw that it read 11:59pm... Just one minute until July 2nd.

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