Thursday, July 28, 2016

Take Me out to the Ball Game (Summer - Day 71)

After doing some writing and walking the dogs, I drove down to Everett, taking Mom along with me. We met Emily, Cheri and her family at the Aqua-Sox game. They are a minor league baseball team, and it was a much more pleasant experience than being at the Angel or Dodger stadium. With a minor league team, there's less people, better seats, close-up action, and popcorn is only a dollar.

The worst moment: a foul ball hit somebody... But later on I met a kid who said, " I Got hit in the head with a ball and they signed it for me," So I guess it turned out okay.

The best moment: In the final inning, the Aqua Sox were down by two. A lot of people left early, thinking that the Everett team had been vanquished by the Canadians. But then the stadium payed this montage of inspirational movie speeches (with the Henry V music in the background). It was awesome, and the Aquasox loaded up the bases and won!

Back on Camano, Cheri and Emily settled back into things. We have started packing for home. We still have a few days to enjoy Washington, but Cheri always wants to have an early start.

I have been revising the picture book version of Bug Scouts. I've been trying to come up with something better than the current ending. I think I might actually incorporate elements from my recent One-Act comedy. We'll see what works.

At night we watched a strange little movie called "The Lady in the Van." I was sleepy so I didn't enjoy it as much as I should have.

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