Friday, July 1, 2016

The BFG and Bucket Lists (Summer - Day 44)

I haven't posted it yet, but a couple weeks ago I made a lengthy Bucket List, or perhaps more optimistically, a Wish List of Things to Do in Life.

I will post the extensive list and talk about it more in this blog in the near future. but for now, let me mention that some of the accomplishments are oretty simple: watch certain movies. Star Wars 8 and 9 are on the list, so is Indy 5, and so if The BFG. I'm happy to report that I checked the BFG off the list last night. It was a wonderful, soft spoken film filled with sparkling color and imagery. I've said it before, but I'll say it again: I love being alive in the age of Spielberg.

What else did I do yesterday -- the last day of June 2016?

Well, Cheri and the girls left early to visit relatives. I stayed at the house to do some writing and hang out with the dogs. Got to spend a lot of time talking with Mom and catching up on our lives.  (And we watched the movie together -- there was hardly anyone at the 7pm showing in Stanwood!)

I worked on the finale scene of the Radio Play (that doesn't mean it's near comppletion -- we're working on the play out of order). Then, I began a new project, a one-act play about a drama teacher's worst day. Didn't get more than two pages in, but I'm hoping I make more progress tomorrow.

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