Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sun Country - (Summer Day 61)

July 17th - Woke up, ate a sub-par breakfast, listened to the manager argue with a disgruntled customer, and checked out of our room. I'm not in a great mood today. But it was nice to return to the golf course and visit a bit more with assorted relatives.

Cheri and I walked down to the railroad bridge. Jacob, Mackenzie, Emily, and I hit golf balls at the new little driving range. We also stopped by the Club House. I was sad that they don't sell ice cream bars anymore! Boo! (*Wade hates change of any kind*)

All of the second (third?) generation of cousins remind me of the past. It's a good feeling.

Sun Country has changed in enough ways that it doesn't seem as mystical with nostalgia to me anymore. Maybe that's not quite true. The feel of the place still floods me with childhood memories and sensations. But maybe now I've talked about the past too much. Each terrain has a different narrative I retell to myself, and sometimes others, over and over again. It feels like the ghost of a ghost now. But that's not a bad thing.

Watch, tonight I'll have another golf course dream (this is my most common recurring dream, btw), and it'll recharge all of the wonder and foreboding I have for this location.

We left Sun Country around 2:30pm. We made it back to Camano Island around 5pm. I think Mr. Knightley missed human contact. He befowled his cage in protest of our absence!

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