Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Reconstruction Time ( Summer - Day 69)

July 24th... Since Cheri and Emily are visiting relatives (and Mack is at camp), I had all day to focus on writing. I made more ground with the chapter book, and I mapped out a path to 144 pages. But here's the thing... By the time I finished writing the scene I had been stuck on, I realized that a chapter book might not be the best vehicle. This might make a better picture book, after all. So, the evening ending with me trying to develop some of the existing material into PB form. We'll see how it goes... Either way, I've got a solid twenty pages of chapter hook material I can return to if I want to venture down that path again.

Aside from writing, I walked the dogs (of course). Mom and I talked quite a bit. We usually discuss family memories and current affairs, so it's a nice combination of the past and present. Somehow we got into a discussion of "Song of the South" -- and we eventually dug up as much as we could on YouTube.

Oh, and it was half price Monday at Sahara Pizza. Always a reason to eat and rejoice.

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