Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Great Doggy Escape (Summer - Day 49)

The blog title sounds pretty light hearted, but my daughter Emily had a rather harrowing, not to mention exhausting experience this day (Tuesday, July 5th).

My mom, Cheri, Mack and I went into town to patronize the local grocery store. Emily stayed at home with the dogs, because she's a home body. If given the choice to go shopping or stay at home watching Youtube on her phone, she will take Youtube 95% of the time.

We were gone about 45 minutes. As we made our way back home, we noticed a couple people running along the highway (average speed 50 miles per hour). As we slowed down we noticed one of those people was Emily! She looks scared and winded. The first thing we all thought was that the house had burned down -- or worse. But when she began to speak, she explained that the dogs had escaped

Our two wonderful / stupid mutts are named Chase and Lizzy. I have probably written about them before, but if I haven't let me sum them up in one word: TROUBLE. They love to get into trouble. And as dog owners, we Bradfords are not clever enough to train the stupidness out of these dum-dums. The result is that sometimes havoc reigns supreme.

Mom has an electric fence set up around the house, and for the past two and a half years the dogs have respected/feared the perimeter. However, today Chase decided he could jump off the deck and clear the wire, which is what he did. When Emily opened the fence to try luring him back inside, Lizzie got out, and then all hell broke loose.

The dogs ran around for at least a half hour, running into the neighbors yard, up and down our driveway, hiding in the bushes, and finally and most horrifyingly, they headed towards the two lane road at the bottom of the hill.

Emily, through her tears and pleas, kept trying to wrangle them in. The traffic stopped, and about a dozen nice people helped Emily. A lady managed to contain Lizzie and put her in her car so that Emily could focus on her mission to capture Chase. By then, Chase had bolted away from the road and went back up to our house, where Emily found him sitting on the front porch, panting his lungs out.

We are so thankful that the dogs are safe. And we are even more thankful that Emily is safe.

(Here's a photo of Lizzie aka Dum-Dum #1)

In the evening, we watched a story about another precocious dog -- this one was named Snoopy. That's right, we finally watched Peanuts the Movie. Very cute.

Here's a little factoid I noted, and subsequently posted on Facebook:

Finally watched The Peanuts Movie. Definitely captures the spirit of the Charlie Brown cartoons of my youth. When I watched the credits, wondering who did Snoopy's voice, I was amazed to find out it was Bill Melendez -- the original voice over artist, and the animation director / producer for most of the television projects. Then I discovered that Melendez passed away back in 2008 (at age 91). They had enough archived Snoopy sounds for the new film!

Creative News: I have begun a new one-act play based off of a very silly idea that came to mind a few weeks ago It's called "The Twilight Cone." So far, I'm only about six pages in, but I'm hoping to do a lot of writing over the next two days and finish it by July 7th.

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