Sunday, July 17, 2016

Warrior Dash (Summer - Day 60)

Well, only thirty more days until I'm back in front of a classroom. Gotta make the most of these days of summer. Today we did just that.

We awoke at the crack of dawn. We drove out Bonney Lake, met up with the rest of the Siler Clan (Cheri's family) and then we ran the Warrior Dash 5K. I wore a fuzzy Viking Hat the whole time.

I wasn't really looking forward to this event, since I'm not an exercise kind of guy, and I just spent the last week sitting around Lake Chelan stuffing my face. To my surprise, I managed to keep up with Emily and Kayla. (Mackenzie and the other teams were far out of my reach, however.)

The last mile felt a lot like Full Metal Jacket. Lots of obstacles. Lots of mud.

After that festival of fitness, we drove to Cle Elum to join the Riach Family gathering. We missed the Float Down the River -- but Jill and her kids got to do that. I had a nice time talking with my cousins and uncles and friends of the family, many of whom I haven't seen in years. I talked with my Great Uncle Wallace about the good ole days, and he told me about my grandmother's childhood years.

It's always dreamlike when I'm at the Sun Country Golf Course. It's the cornerstone of so many childhood memories -- most of them good, certainly not all.

In town, we stayed at an Econo Lodge. Our room was fine, but poor mom got stuck with a smoking room. Pew!

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