Monday, July 25, 2016

Getting Beyond the Sticky Patch (Summer - Day 67)

July 23 -- Most of the morning was spent waiting for Mackenzie to send us a text message. Eventually, we got the text -- she arrived safe in the Charlotte Airport... Then we had to wait to hear if she got in okay in Huntsville. She did. She's fine. Of course she's fine She's a second degree black belt. She can take care of herself! (It's her Dad who we need to look out for!)

According to one of her text messages, she found some kids flying on the second plane who were going to camp, so they all took the transport bus together to the Space and Rocket Center

The rest of the day was pretty laid back. One of my mom's friends (Robin) came over to visit with us. Her dog Simon (who didn't visit) is still alive and doing pretty well at age 14. (Simon used to be Jill's little dog.)

By the way, if it seems like these blog posts have turned into a personal journal, I guess that's because it has -- at least in a way. I was looking at my blog posts from last year, and it seems I skipped writing 90% of what happened over the summer. And now that summer of 2015 is just a bright blur Journaling helps to keep my memories crystal clear. So, yes, I'm using this blog to write down the basics of what happens each day. (And anything that's too personal or emotional goes in my actual physical journal which I keep handy -- but that's usually just me whining about stuff.)

Anyway, back to the other reason for this blog: my writing projects. I've been a little stuck with my chapter book. I started developing the idea while staying at Lake Chelan. Took some time to develop the characters. Started writing. Stopped writing. When I started again, I found that I was stuck in a sticky patch of plot and theme. What's going to happen next? What is this story really about?

Today, I had a breakthrough (a little but important one -- not a lightning bolt in the sky, more like a lightning bug in the dark).  I got past the scene I had been tinkering too much with -- I finished it and moved onto the next. Tomorrow is a busy day, so I don't expect to write much, but by Tuesday I'll have a better idea if this lightning bug will lead the way to the end of the story.

There was a lot of free time this evening. Cheri went to visit some old high school friends. Emily and I have been having some great one-on-one time. We miss Kenzie, but we're making the most of things. We watched the 5th Wave, a movie my mom ordered on Netflix.

Not a great movie -- but those are the kind I enjoy talking through, MST3K style.

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