Monday, July 4, 2016

Past the Halfway Point (Summer - Day 46)

Well, summer is all down hill from here. We're past the halfway point, people!

Much of today -- July 2nd -- was spent at the computer, formatting the new one-act play. I also revised and enhanced "12 Angry Pigs" and sent it to Pioneer drama.

Mom and I went to the local grocery store. The parking lot is packed because all of the island is getting ready for Independence Day.

Cheri and the girls returned to Camano Island around 6:30 pm. They had a splendid time in the Everette area, visiting Grandma Judy, going shopping and whatnot.

I created a character outline for a new (and very silly) one-act play based off of a random idea I posted on Facebook. It's called "The Twilight Cone." It's about a very unusal ice cream shop.

Let's hope the second half of my summer vacation is as creatively productive as the first.

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