Friday, July 22, 2016

Back to Writing (Summer - Day 65)

July 21st -- Well, somehow I've started vacationing too much during this vacation, because I haven't been writing very much during the last couple weeks.

So today I got back to work on the Chapter Book I've been developing. Cheri and the girls went to Everett to go school shopping with some of the relatives. I stayed here on Camano with mom. I probably wrote only three pages worth of material, but at least I'm getting back into it. My plan is to write/illustrate the first couple chapters, and then just write the rest of the text -- hopefully that will be enough to give potential editors the idea.

Today was my sister Jill's birthday, so we went out to Cedro-Woolley. Jill, her kids, Mom and I went to Applebees. I had a plate of something I will call: Misfortunate Macaroni.  But I had a really nice time visiting with them. Both my niece and nephew are out of school now! Time keeps on chugging away. 

Mackenzie has one more day here in Washington and then she is flyinng off to Space Camp for two weeks. Gulp. You try to be a helipcopter parent and they one-up you by becoming a Rocket Kid. 

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