Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Picture Book Mode (Summer - Day 70)

Well, adapting the bug chapter book into a picture book has been a smooth process, so far. However, I'm not sure about the ending -- the final page turn -- the last line -- the pay off.

I've got to create an ending that satisfies, that makes the journey worth it.

Got a phone call from Mackenzie. She is loving Space Camp. Her simulation mission next week will be a Flight to Mars! Oh, and she's in a team of seventeen members, all of whom are female. So she's pretty stoked to be working with so many women scientists. She probably feels like she's in the new Ghostbusters.

My nephew Joe and his wife Trina paid us a visit on the island. We had a nice time catching up, whilst snacking on chips and drinking soda.

I met up with Cheri and her family at Ivar's... Definitely the best fish and chips you'll find, at least at a fast food establishment. Emily has returned to vlogging. She recently made a video about saying at Grandma Judy's, and how her bedroom features a rather creepy baby doll. I'll post a link soon.

Back on Camano, mom and I watched the latest James Bond movie.

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