Monday, July 4, 2016

Campfires and Firecrackers (Summer - Day 47)

My sister and my niece came out to visit us on Camano Island. When went for a hike along a local nature trail. Mom was very brave. She brought her portable stool in the event she grew tired, but for the most part she kept a steady pace.

Cheri and I went grocery shopping for the festivities tomorrow. Some family and friends will be coming out to the island for the 4th. After dinner, we lit up a fire in Mom's new fire pit. The girls found some old fire crackers (the Navy Seal kind) and threw them into the blaze. Fun was had by all... Except when a spark burned through Kenzie's compression pants! (Note: she is unharmed and the hole is very small.)

The dogs are rather angry about the explosions which have been taking place in the evening. They will be very unhappy tomorrow.

Cheri and I went to the local casino, Angel of the Winds, about a twenty five minute drive from where we are. We lost. But not too much. I blew twenty five bucks, and Cheri only gave up sixteen dollars to the one-eyed bandits.

The girls and their cousin Maddy had a good time staying up late into the night, giggling.

I wrote the opening lines of the new one-act, only about two pages in. But I have a feeling I'll have it finished by July 7th.

Oh, here's a photo of our neighbors. The dogs are desperate to get close to these guys, but I know better!

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