Friday, July 15, 2016

Lake Chelan (Summer - Days 52 thru 57)

We recently returned from a one week stay at a rental house in Lake Chelan, right on the water. I kept a journal during the vacation. Here's a run-down.

July 8th: We arrived at Lake Chelan for our trip within a trip. We are staying at a cool two story house with members of the Siler clan. The drive was about three and a half hours.

There are so many snacks here. It feels like Craft Service. There's so much delicious junk food. We're all going to leave this place with much fatter selves.

July 9th: Well, I suppose what I should do today is work on staging ideas for Around the World in 80 Days.

For the most part, the day consisted of paddle boarding and inner tube rides. I did the latter and Cheri did the former. I've been brainstorming new ideas for a chapter book.

I read a couple more chapters of Doctor Sleep. It's getting very engaging. The rest of the day we've been sitting around snacking.

We watched Cloverfield Lane 10, which I enjoyed until the film's third act. Then it seemed like an expanded

July 10th: We went to Blueberry Hill for breakfast. She returned home afterwards. At the rental house, I read a chapter and then took a nap. The girls played on the paddle boards with their cousins. We watched the movie JAWS.

July 11th: More of the same relaxation. Worked more on my chapter book idea. I also began making a vision board to go with my Wish List.

The snacking continues. Mike (Cheri's brother) fell in the lake while trying to moor the boat.

We watched WE'RE THE MILLERS... But halfway through I went to bed. I finished reading Doctor Sleep.

Oh, I forgot to mention, we won Goldie Awards! Cheri earned one for Hello Dolly, as did Mackenzie for her lighting design. I won best supporting actor for Bullshot Crummond.

July 12th: Yet another day in paradise. THis one seemed to fly by the fastest. Worked on the chapter book (it's about bugs). I finally broke down and checked my email on Cheri's phone. Eldridge Plays said they would like to send me a contract for "Director's Nightmare!"

 Most of my creative efforts focused on the vision board. More cousins arrived today. NEw blood! We've been playing lots of Hearts, and this evening the kids played a heated game of Risk.

Mike took the grown ups on a boat ride to look at the beautiful homes along the lake.

July 13th: Our last full day at the lake was a good one. The water was so calm, standing upright on the paddle boards was easy! Cheri and I went out on the water twice. Just about everyone except me went out on the inner tube. I believe all of the teens jumped off the diving board at least once.

At night, we watched Best in Show, then organized our stuff before going to bed.

We survived the week! And I believe fun was had by all.

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