Friday, July 22, 2016

Back to Washington (Summer - Day 64)

July 20th -- Our third and last day in Victoria.

Heather took us Down Town. We went to a cool place called David's Tea. Then Heather led us to a street that had not one but three comic book stores! We only went to Curious Comics, though -- that was big enough. I bought two Groo Comics. I guess there's a new series!

We visited Corey at Oregano Pizza and bought a few slices. Heather also took us to a delicious spot in the city called Cakes and Things. (These gourmet adventures reminded me of something we did two days ago... We had lunch at a Chinese Restaurant called Lucky Village -- the owner / server cracked us up!)

Back at Heather's home, she and Cheri looked through scrap books. Alan worked on a shed for his motorcycle. The girls and I played with the cats, Jake and Elwood. We did a card trick while following the television show: Penn and Teller.

Now we are in the ferry ride back to the U.S. of A. (Although the girls have said that if Trump wins they may want to visit Canada for another four to eight years.)

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