Sunday, July 17, 2016

Goodbye Lake, Hello Sound (Summer - Day 58)

July 14th: It's always sad to go home after camping, or in our case glamping. We grew accustomed to this place. I suppose a week is a long enough time in which to do nothing but lounge around and eat and play in the lake. But I wasn't sick of it yet. I think I could have gone a few more days.

However, this hasn't been an ideal spot for writing. I haven't been able to hunker down and concentrate, so perhaps it's best we move on to the next sequence of Pacific Northwest adventures.

After we packed up and parted ways, the girls, Cheri and I drove back to Camano Island. We didn't stay at my Mom's house long because she reserved a room at a local bed and breakfast, the Inn at Barnum Point. This is the house that we can see from my mother's front porch. We've always marveled at it, because it's a big house surrounded by lots of land, sea, forest. It seems lonely.

My mom decided we needed to finally go there, mainly to walk to beach and touch a big boulder that is accessible only during very low tides. SPOILER ALERT: We never get to touch the boulder.

The room was large and had an unintentional retro 90s feel. Because of the isolation, the place did have a horror movie setting feel to it. The girls and I kept coming up with scary movie scenarios. Fortunately, none played out.

Maddy joined us after work, and since the cousins were going to be talking all night (and it was going to be a little crowded) Cheri and I decided to head back to the yellow house. But before parting ways for the night, we dined together at the Crow's Nest. Decent fish and chips (aka tater tots).

We also walked along the beach at Barnum Point before nightfall. Lots of Bald Eagles, as expected, be we also happened upon a baby seal. We believe he swam off to be with his mother. At least that's the story I want to read.

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