Friday, July 8, 2016

The Twilight Cone (Summer - Day 50)

Mack, Mom, and Cheri went to Bellingham to meet my sister for lunch. Emily and I stayed around the house. In addition to walking the dogs and swinging underneath the big tree, we mainly stayed inside. Em caught up on a lot of vloggers. I made an enormous amount of progress on my silly little one act play: The Twilight Cone.

This pun-based title began as one of my weird, random Facebook posts. I asked my online friends what kind of flavors would be served at an Ice Cream Shop called the Twilight Cone. They came up with a lot of great answers, such as... Lime Enough at Last, Cookies and Scream, and my personal favorite: To Serve Mango.

Cheri liked that post quite a bit, and thought I should do something with it. And her encouragement led me to think of a one-act play in which we get to see different characters trying different flavors that have very different Twilight Zonish results.

I stayed up until half past midnight and almost finished the whole thing. However, there was one monologue that I didn't have the energy for, so I let that one simmer whilst I slumbered.

This ain't no Shakespeare. Silly, whimsical stuff. But it's fun to just work on something that's fluff -- and best of all I think there are six great roles for young female performers.

What am I reading / watching?
I'm still slowly working on Doctor Sleep. Creepy things are happening in this book, as one would expect from Stephen King. I finished watching an odd yet amusing film from Albert Brooks: Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World. It didn't fulfill all of my expectations -- mainly because I really wanted the film to delve into the cultural differences (if any) between Muslims (of the Middle East and Asia) and Americans. At the same time, I got to watch Albert Brooks, playing himself, wander awkwardly on the other side of the globe, and how can that not be funny?

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