Friday, July 29, 2016

Duck Town News! (Summer - Day 72)

It's been a while since I hit send. If you're a writer, you know what that's like, to send off your creation (to an editor, agent, publisher, producer) and then you must play the waiting game It's slow and it's hard -- at least it is for those of us who have the patience of a three year old. Which I do.

My agent has been on hiatus (for an excellent reason -- she had her second baby boy!), so I've done my best to wait for about a month...

And the wait was worth it. She really likes what I've been doing with Duck Town. I'm going to add a bit more pathos to a couple scenes, and then it should be good to waddle out into the world.

I was a bit overwhelmed when I read her email. A flood of relief and happiness washed over me. That's what happens when you work on something for 13 months. You get invested -- and it's scary to think that your hard work might wind up in the drawer. (Of course, that's what happens to most of our stuff anyway! You'd think I'd be used to it.) But Duck Town is very special to me. And I am hoping to will be special to young readers somewhere out there right now. Hopefully Rainbow and her family will get the chance to share their story with the rest of the world.

That was the big, momentous thing that happened today. But I also had a wonderful little date around town with Cheri. We went to the Camano Market Place for the first time. It's this wonderfully homey community store that features lots of local gifts, locally made art, a bakery, a meat market, a sandwich shop and a candy store.

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