Saturday, July 9, 2016

Wade in Action (Summer - Day 51)

Sometimes I can't take myself anywhere. Even to the kitchen.

If you haven't figured it out yet from this blog, I'm kind of a boring idiot. I do a lot of stuff backwards or just plain wrong. Usually I'm pretty good at faking competence. But today, a series of stupid little things happened. Here's the run down:

#1) I decide to make chicken in the oven. (Based upon Cheri suggestion that I cook dinner, and that the dinner be chicken, and that the oven be used.)

#2) I open up the oven door to see if it is empty -- because my mother sometimes puts a frying pan in the oven. Not sure why she does that, but keeping in mind we are related to each other, perhaps there's no need to ask.

#3) Since I am taller than the oven, I don't have an ideal view -- I don't look all the way back, but it seems that the oven is empty.

#4) I am wrong. There is a frying pan in the oven AND a spatula with a plastic handle.

#5) I type on the computer until my alarm goes off ten minutes later -- the oven should be pre-heated, so it's time to put in the chicken.

#6) I am about to open the oven door when I notice the distinct smell of melted plastic.

#7) I discover toxic smoke and the roasted utensils within. I grab a kitchen towel and carefully remove the 450 degree pan.

#8) One kitchen towel is not enough to constrain the heat of the handle which begins to tell my hand, "Hi there, I would like to burn you."

#9) To avoid a burnt hand, I set the scalding hot frying pan and melted spatula on the doormat.

#10) The door mat (also made of plastic?) melts to the frying pan.

Fun was had by all.

In other news, we are preparing to go glamping at Lake Chelan. Last year we went camping in a tent. This year, we've learned our lessons, and Cheri's family is renting a house right on the water!

By the way, starting tomorrow, there is a good chance that I will be in a land without wireless! So, this blog might be going dark for about seven days! (Since nobody reads this, that's not a big deal, right?)

I finished "The Twilight Cone." Then, I formatted the play, as well as the other one-act (Director's Nightmare). By the end of the day, I sent them off to publishing companies. Snap!

Oh, I almost forgot the best thing that we did today! We went out to Barnum Point, a place that has a Bed and breakfast right on the sound. We have stared out at this blue house for years wondering what it's like. We're going to be staying there next week (since they will be closing up for good this year) and we finally went out o the point. There was at least a dozen bald eagles flying around. Amazing!

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