Monday, July 25, 2016

Making the Rounds (Summer - Day 68)

Sometimes Washington vacation are all about visiting others. I can't just hide out on Camano Island forever. We've got to people to see. So today Cheri -- the scheduling sorceress -- managed our time very wisely

Here's what we did:

  • Visited Aunt Diane at her home on Vashon Island
  • Took her to lunch at Sporty's (a great cheeseburger and fries)
  • Met a Border Collie puppy (owned by Cheri's cousins) named Wesley
  • Got peed on by Wesley because he was so excited to meet new people
  • Took the very to Point Defiance
  • Met up with my friend John and his family
  • Talked about Star Wars with John's kids (ashamed that they are so much more proficient in the current Star Wars universe than I could ever hope to be)
  • Went to a Sounders (minor league) soccer game
  • Watched my nephew serve as a referee
  • Dropped Cheri and Emily at Grandma Judy's condo
  • Went back home to Camano by way of Taco Bell
  • Read an old book about insects while watching the second half of this Tony Robbins documentary/puff-piece on Netflix.
A note about Tony Robbins. I remember cringing any time I would see him on those infomercial in the nineties. Watching the "Date with Destiny" segments, I didn't cringe. He's very good at captivating the audience. He reminds me of a tele-evangelist, except he's not claiming to have any religious authority to heal the crippled. He also seems to genuinely love his job -- and that's always inspiring.

He says at the beginning of it isn't for everyone. He says if you're not hungry, this isn't the program for you. But it seems like it's more than that... If you are "hungry" and lack direction or motivation, then it might be a good kick start for some people.

But for me.... not so much. Why? Well, to use a phrase I once heard from my daughter:

"I get shit done."

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