Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Day #2: $20,000 Challenge - Brainstorm

So, in today's blog I want to brainstorm a bit about my goals and strategies for my $20,000 Challenge.

I'm attempting to earn "extra income" during the next 364 days, so that by the time January 5th, 2016 rolls around I'll have a whole lotta cash in a savings account, and be on the right track toward a debt-free lifestyle.

Currently, about 80% of my income is generated from my teaching career. 20% of my income is generated from my children's plays.

So, where do I plan to get the new income? I'm not sure yet, and that's part of the challenge (and part of the fun). But one definite source will hopefully be my books.

As you already know if you follow this blog, my first picture book "Why Do I Have to Make My Bed?" was published in 2011. Selling my second book was a long, hard, good fight... A fight that I finally won. In 2014, my agent sold "Around the World in a Bathtub." I am hoping to keep this literary success going and sign a third contract in early 2015. Keep your fingers crossed and I'll give you more details about it when I can.

In addition to my picture books, I have several other novel length projects sitting around the office, just waiting for the chance to go out into the world. And aside from selling creative stuff, I'll be looking for other ways to generate revenue. So far, my only non-writer idea is Ebay... Maybe I'll get more inventive as the year proceeds. Oh wait! I know! I'll check under the couch cushions for loose change!

Darn. Nothing there. My first set back.

Each time I do a blog post about the $20,000 challenge, I will end by letting the reader know how much I have earned so far. I'll do so now...

Score: Wade has earned $0.

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