Friday, January 23, 2015

Day #18: The Importance of Tinkering

I am simultaneously revising two projects right now. One is brand new, and I'm not giving away the title just yet. We'll call it the WILD RIDE PROJECT for now. This is the picture book I sent to my agent. She said she "really likes" it, which means it's close but not perfect yet. (Maybe nothing is ever perfect, but it's not close to perfection yet.)

The other book is AROUND THE WORLD IN A BATHTUB. This one was sold to Charlesbridge Books a couple months ago. I will be getting notes from my editor very soon, but in the meantime I have been revising the non-fiction elements of the book. I've been doing a lot of fact checking, and learning a lot about the context of each culture's language.

I found a Cultural Center based in Bethel, Alaska (located in the middle of the tundra) and I've created a list of questions to ask their librarian. I called today, but the office wasn't open. I'll try again tomorrow.

In addition to getting research details, I've been tinkering with each of the books. This is a bit different than simply revising the text. I've been sketching, creating an entire picture book dummy to determine the page-turnability of the manuscript. So far, the WILD RIDE book has some great parts, but there are a few things in middle that could be improved.

Tinkering with the Bathtub book is trickier, because I don't know what revision notes I'm going to get. But I do know that the Bathtub book is similar to "Why Do I Have to Make My Bed" in that every two pages is a different setting... I'm trying to figure out how to create more surprise and delight with each turn of the page. Wish me luck as I keep on tinkering.

Challenge Total: $112.64

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