Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Day #9: Staying on Track

It's easy to get side tracked and wander off in the wrong direction.
The real challenge of this game is going to be staying focused once the routine of the semester takes over. Right now, it's just my first week of spring semester. But soon, I'll be grading stacks of papers, and the goal of generating extra income might get shoved to the back burner.

 So far, this revamped blog has been a lot of fun, and if the enjoyment continues then staying on track will be easy. It's when the going gets tough, right? It would be interesting to flash forward six months and check in on this blog. Am I still doing daily entries? Or was this just a personal fad to occupy a few weeks of my time. 

You may have noticed that the Challenge Score Total hasn't gone up very much. Hopefully that will change as the months roll by. I have several projects that might produce income. Here's what I've got cooking so far: 

Applied for a ongoing Writing Gig 
Submitted an article to Pioneer 
Started a Weekly Ebay Store 
Sent my latest Picture Book to my agent 

Today I'm working on a quirky new idea. I'll tell you a little about it tomorrow.

Challenge Total: $116.82

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