Friday, January 9, 2015

Day #4: Amazing Monologues from "Tomorrow's Wish"

I wrote a play that is near and dear to my heart called Tomorrow's Wish. It's the story of a girl named Juniper who lives with her grandmother way out in the middle of nowhere.  She's lived a rather solitary life because there's something special and powerful about her. (You'll have to read the play to find out its secrets!)

I've been honored that many up-and-coming actresses have performed a monologue from the play, a piece that is often called "I Kissed a Boy Once." The most popular one so far is performed by Miranda Lensky.  She has perfectly pacing, comic timing, and her character interpretation is wonderfully theatrical. Check it out:

Recently, a young woman performed the monologue on YouTube. She is different and beautiful, and I loved her delivery. It's very real to me, and how I envisioned Juniper to be in real-life. (If you have the time, give her a thumbs up -- she's only got a few views as of this post.)

Brava to both performers... I love both takes on the character.

Tomorrow's Wish is available at and in both print and e-books.  It's one of my few self-published projects and I'm really proud of how well it has sold over the years (about 25 books a month). Not bad for a play that was turned away by the pros.

Oh, and if you are a drama teacher out there, Tomorrow's Wish can currently be performed royalty free. Just send me an email ( ) to notify your intention to produce the show.

I have been so grateful to the many readers, actors, and drama teachers who have embraced Tomorrow's Wish,

The play is available in print and online at and It's also available in e-book for through iTunes. Buy a copy today, and you'll help me crawl closer to the Great $20,000 Challenge!

Challenge Score: $76.82

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