Sunday, January 18, 2015

Day #13: Downton Zombie Give-Away Winners!

A few days ago we finished up a week-long contest to promote my new one act comedy, Downton Zombie. (Thanks so much to everybody who participated.) I think it was a success, if only because almost 100 people "liked" my author page on Facebook. It was nice to finally pass that little milestone on that oft ignored page. So, I think we've gotten a ball rolling, let's hope it's a little snowball that transforms into an avalanche of awesomeness.

 Today, I am sending autographed copies of the play to five different winners. The cost of postage will be drawn from my current score. So, that means it's going to go down a little bit. But it's money well spent because I'm trying to build a stronger bond with my readers.

Challenge Total: $118.62

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