Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Day #1: The Great $20,000 Challenge

There's an old friend of mine from my Grand Cinemas days named Roger Sullivan. Over the years, he has launched several businesses, including a "wired waffle" that is jam packed with caffeine and deliciousness. About two years ago he was on the reality TV Show "Shark Tank." The fish weren't exactly kind to him that day, but in spite of everything he has kept a positive perspective about his goals. Last year, he launched a blog called: "365 Days to My First Million." It chronicles his entrepreneurial pursuits as he endeavors to distribute his new products, such as Eve's Apple Pie Moonshine.

I have to say, I started reading it just because I was curious what Roger has been up to (I haven't hung out with him since the early 90s). But I kept reading it because I enjoyed following his journey. If you'd like to follow along, visit his blog.
Even though 2014 is over, he still plans to keep writing until he fulfills his quest. Anyway, I bring this up for two reasons. Number One, to express my gratitude to Roger for letting us follow along. Blogging almost 365 days a year is not easy, and blogging about personal reflections as well business strategies is even harder. Thanks, Roger, you've inspired me to do my own version... That leads me to reason Number Two.

My personal challenge is to generate $20,000 of Extra Income in one year. I know, I know. It's not as cool as going for a million dollars. (But since when have I cared about being cool?) I decided on Twenty Thousand Bucks because if I can attain that goal, then my family will be approaching a debt-free lifestyle AND I'll be able to get a good nest egg for my daughters' college education. Of course, if things go really well and I do make a million dollars, I'll take that too.

I don't know if I'll be blogging about the $20,000 Challenge everyday, but I will dedicate at least one blog post a week. Stay tuned! (And if anyone out there is doing a similar challenge, let me know. I'd love to follow your journey to prosperity -- financial or otherwise.)

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