Monday, January 12, 2015

Day #7: Back to the Grindstone

I will be teaching at Moorpark College very soon. Classes start on Monday -- hey, that's today! I better get ready!

I have had a fantastic winter break, and I am recharged and ready to go back into the classroom. At the same time, I know that when I'm teaching, my creative pursuits often get pushed aside. (For example, just look at how few blog entries I write during the school year compared to the many I write during the summer.) So, today, I am focusing on some last minute creative projects... One of which I am absolutely EXCITED about!

I've been developing a new picture book text. I've even created some rough sketches to give her an idea of the story's potential. I'm not planning to be the author, by the way, but drawing sometimes helps me tell a better story. Today, I am sending the manuscript to my agent. Keep your fingers crossed; hopefully she falls in love with the book.

Challenge Total: $76.82

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