Monday, January 26, 2015

Day #21: Hey, It Worked!

Turns out, that Priority List I made actually works. At least it helped me today. I copied and pasted yesterday's blog entry and taped it to my office door, right next to my Done-It List. The interesting thing about the priority list is that it's like an annotated To-Do list. I've got it in order of importance, but I also write about why it's important to me, what I've done so far, and what I need to do next.

Sometimes when I have a lot of projects cooking at once, I get flustered and don't know what to do next. (Then, the anti-productive part of my mind tells me to take a nap or eat ice cream.)

But that didn't happen today.  Today was a very house-task oriented day. My wife is painting and re-organizing the kitchen/dining room area. I've been helping out as much as an incompetent husband can. The place looks great, by the way. My wife a whirlwind of organized multitasks -- it comes to her so naturally, unlike me! Anyway, after all of the housework was completed, my wife went to the martial arts studio with the girls, leaving me with about an hour to myself.

I looked at the Priority List on the Door, and knew right away the the Top Three Items were unworkable at this time.  But Item #4 -- that was definitely doable. So, I revised the latest picture book.  It didn't take too long since I had great notes from my agent, and I had been brainstorming all afternoon while I was doing housework. Whenever I do menial labor I go straight into head-in-the-clouds mode. I often get my best ideas while vacuuming.

It's evening now. I sent my agent the newly revised draft. Cross your fingers that she falls in love with it.  

Challenge Total: $112.64

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