Thursday, January 8, 2015

Coming Soon: The Three Musketeers

Yesterday was all about my new play, an adaptation of  "The Three Musketeers." I spent the morning revising and editing, and patching together a couple missing scenes.  There was one scene (the climax of Act One) that I thought was completely lost, but fortunately I found a handwritten draft in one of my many notebooks.

Then, after printing the manuscript and making some copies, it was time for the Musketeers' first table read.  Lots of good friends showed up -- thanks! -- including some old companions from "The 39 Steps."

The response was actually better than I expected -- so that's a good beginning.  I'm not aiming for a literary masterpiece, just a really fun time on stage.  And I think because I have written a script that's lighter than my last CTG original (The Little Mermaid is 18,000 words... Musketeers is 11,000), there should be a lot of room for me to play around with the action scenes -- kinda like what we did with "The Hobbit."

If you are reading this blog and want to watch the World Premiere, the show runs from March 28th through April 26th.

Find out more at:  

Oh, and check out this amazing promotional artwork created by the always awesome Michael Keane.

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