Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Resolutions - 2015 Edition

Hope everyone is had a prosperous and productive 2014.

It was definitely a break-through year for me.  I signed the contract (with Charlesbridge) for my second picture book, and Abi sold my third picture to Candlewick! She changed my life, yet again. Which brings me to my new word of the year: Gratitude.

My wife Cheri has developed an ongoing tradition of selecting a word -- actually I think the word selects her -- and it becomes her theme for the year.  The words "thankful," "grateful," and "appreciation" keep coming to my mind. So, I plan to spend much of this year reflecting upon the people that have positively affected my life -- and, if possible, I'll be telling them how much their help has meant to me.

My New Year's Resolutions are pretty simple...

  1. Show my gratitude
  2. Preserve more memories
  3. Pay down our credit card debt

The first and the third are pretty self-explanatory, but the middle one might need more context.  Basically, I don't like how my 40s have been flying by so fast.  I don't expect them to slow down.  But I do expect to keep track of the days more diligently.  I want to spend more time photographing, recording, and writing about what is happening with Cheri and the girls -- as well as other family and friends.  Whenever I stumble upon one of my journal entries, it immediately triggers vivid images of the past.  I think the more memories I preserve, the happier I will be in my old age when all I can do is sit around and read (and hopefully play video games and re-watch Star Wars XII  for the 20th time.)  

Whoever and wherever you are, I hope you are happy and healthy, and for you I wish that the coming year will bring you even more joy. 

Happy New Year! 

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