Monday, January 5, 2015

Downton Zombie - Give Away Contest!

It's been a while since our last give-away contest.  My favorite one so far has been the Video Game/Theater Mash-Up from last January. Playwright Ken Preuss and his son kicked virtual butt during that competition. They came up with some hilarious images, all of them viral-worthy memes.

For this contest, I am keeping things simple.  No photoshop skills required. In fact, you don't need any brains at all... because sometimes brains are a disadvantage when dealing with zombies.

This week's give-away promotes my new one-act comedy: "Downton Zombie." As the title suggests, it's a parody of British period dramas like Downton Abbey and Upstairs, Downstairs -- with some zombie mayhem thrown into the mix. It is available at Pioneer Drama Service.

I am giving away five autographed copies of the play, and one lucky winner gets not only a signed manuscript of "Downton Zombie," but I am throwing in a free graphic novel: Walking Dead #1.

The comic book isn't signed by the author... or the illustrator... but I could sign my name it if you want, or draw a picture on the back cover... or I could draw mustaches on the zombies so they don't look so scary, 

For your chance to win the give-away, simply do one of the following: 

If you have a Twitter account you can tweet any sort of message you want, with the hashtag: #downtonzombie

-- OR --

If you have a Tumblr page, post something and include #downtonzombie

-- OR --

-- OR --

If we are already Facebook friends, you can Tag me and post something humorous about "Downton Zombie."

On January 13th, I will get a couple of zombie volunteers to draw names out of a hat.  Then, after getting the necessary contact info, we'll send you an autographed copy of the play (and maybe even the comic book!).  I will do my best not to spill any brains on the manuscript. 

P.S. Any post, tweet,or tumble that makes me laugh earns a double entry into the give-away pool. Have fun! 

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