Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Day #16: Minor Set Backs

Darn. My first attempt at selling stuff on eBay was not encouraging.

I had five items up for sale -- all of them cool books that I didn't really want to part with anyway -- and nobody made a single bid. So, I've raised ZERO dollars on eBay. On top of that, I've been looking around the garage, my bookshelves, storage boxes... and I've come to realize that I don't have very much stuff. At least not a lot of cool collectibles or gadgets that will fetch a small fortune online.

I've got a lot of books, but I don't think they are worth much (setting aside the fact that I LOVE them). So, I'm putting the Sell-Me Saturday idea on hold until I stumble upon better items in which to hawk.

To whine a little more... I'm only a week and a half into the school semester, and I've already caught an annoying cold, the kind that plugs up your nose in the evening so you have to sleep with your mouth wide open. (Pleasant, huh?)

The other minor set back isn't really a set back. It's just an example of how one often spends money to make money -- or at least generate good will. I just mailed off copies of the Downton Zombie script to the five lucky winners. The cost of postage was $5.98. So that's coming out of my Challenge Funds...

Which means, the new score is.... (pathetic drum roll, please...)

Challenge Total: $112.64

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