Thursday, January 8, 2015

Day #3: $20,000 Challenge - Don't Worry, Things Are Good

Just because I'm blogging about saving money to pay off debt doesn't mean my household's finances are bad. (So don't worry, Mom!)  My wife and I have been paying down our credit cards more and more each year, and our car payments are very manageable. I don't want any reader to think that I am writing this blog because I am drowning in debt on the edge of bankruptcy.

For over ten years I worked as a part time college instructor -- things were a little tough back, but not awful. Then, I got a full-time writing gig at, and that was a wonderful financial supplement. Fortunately, since 2010 I have been blessed with a full-time position at Moorpark College -- and I recently earned tenure. So things are good!

This Blog Challenge is really about building up from our current foundation to make things even better... If my children decide to go away to college I want to be able to support them financially. There are so many things around the house and yard that are getting run down, that could really be improved or repair, but we keep putting it off. My wife often says, "When your ship comes in Wade, we'll do this..." Well, this wonderful woman has been waiting a long time for that proverbial ship. I've often told her, there's not going to be a big ship that comes into port. It's going to be a whole bunch of little row boats.

We are definitely in the middle of the middle class -- and it's a really nice place to be (since I've had first hand experience living below poverty).

The long term goal is to live within our means, save money, and have enough financial freedom so that I can retire from teaching at age 50 and focus on my writing. (If that happens sooner than expected, that would be awesome!)

So, an extra $20,000 would not only place my family in the so-called "upper middle class," it would be an excellent first step toward reaching my goal of becoming a full-time writer.

So, have a generated any extra income yet? Yes. (Well, sort of... I'm counting it as such because I just re-discovered it, and Cheri doesn't have it on her books!) I realized that there's a little bit of cash sitting in an old Sharebuilder account of mine. So, that's going to be the first little chunk of money to add to my dragon horde of gold. Woo-hoo!

Score: Wade has earned $76.82

Let it begin!!!

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