Saturday, January 24, 2015

Day #19: Stupid But Lucky

No, that title isn't describing myself. (Although it is arguably an apt description.) I'm talking about the people that come up with a cheesy, dumb idea and everyone latches onto it, the idea goes viral, and then that lucky jerk is suddenly rich.

The extreme example is the Kardashian Empire (even though that was probably a carefully orchestrated rise to fame designed by publicists and managers). But a more recent example is a young Australian man who came up with a website idea. Pay him ten bucks and he'll mail an envelop full of glitter to your enemy.

Within 24 hours of the website launching, Reddit ran with it, 2000 people ordered glitterbombs, and a whole bunch of tech-saavy websites wrote about it. The next day the Aussie entrepreneur put his website up for auction. Last time I checked the highest bid was $70000.

Wow. I have to admit, when these things happen I get a weird jealous feeling. And it makes me feel like I should be trying to scramble together some crazy, get rich quick idea.

It is tempting to spend the next eleven months trying to come up with next next viral-idea-that-leads-to-a-big-payout. But as much as I am hoping to generate income, I am really hoping that the funds will come from my creative projects -- projects I care about. With that in mind, my next blog is going to be about prioritizing 8 different artistic endeavors, each one might get me closer to achieving my goals.

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