Saturday, January 31, 2015

Day #26: Do the Work, and Do It Early

As an undergrad, I was a big fan of procrastination. I got a thrill by waiting until the last minute to do some (not all) of my assignments. The adrenaline rush was worth the risk of getting a poor grade. And, for the most part, since we're talking about writing assignments, I did pretty well, grade-wise.

However, once I entered Grad School, I soon discovered that my seat-of-your-pants behavior wasn't going to work. If I wanted to pass a class (such as Prof, Athey's devious Bibliography Studies) I needed to work. And I needed to start that work as soon as possible.

It's a lesson that has stuck with me as a teacher. If I create a detailed reading and assignment schedule before the semester begins, I will most certainly have a smooth, well-organized class. on the rare occasions when I've started the semester without that outline -- bad things happen. The semester is not nearly as focused or as productive.

So, here I am, about to direct The Three Musketeers. In some ways, I was ahead of the game. I wrote he script slightly ahead of schedule. However, as far as blocking, prepping, and organizing -- I have entered the Land of Procrastination.

But all is not lost. I still have a few days before rehearsals begin. During the next six days, I will prep and plan, visualize and organize as much as I can, so that he next two months of production goes smoothly.

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